Cruises today are kind of like floating cities, and cities have a lot of moving parts in order for them to work properly. With that in mind it comes as no surprise that cruises have a lot of jobs in order to ensure they continue to operate as smoothly as possible. So here’s what it takes to make sure your vacation goes off without an issue.


These are the jobs you might not see unless you have an issue with your cabin or a service you booked for your vacation. These roles typically include Human Resources, Hotel Operations, Guest Services and Information Technology.

Food and Dining

Ensuring all the guests are happy with the food they’re eating is one of the biggest jobs on a cruise ship. Many people go on vacation and make decisions based on food reputations, so these jobs are likely to employ more people than any other area on the ship.

Beauty Services

The spa on a ship is also an area that people will read reviews on and potentially write reviews on. A ship will employ hair stylists, makeup artists, massage therapists, personal trainers and fitness instructors. These people are specialized – like all others – in these areas and they will be able to provide services to help guests relax and make the most out of their vacation.

House Keeping

This is one of the areas that is likely the most obvious to the guests. They will see housekeeping changing the sheets, cleaning up the room and bringing you fresh towels every day. These people are very much so frontline staff and can also be responsible for making or breaking the experience a guest has.

Gift Shops

There’s a lot of shopping available on a ship, and staffing those stores is another big task. It isn’t just about putting a body in the store: the people need to know the product they’re selling. Often times the stores are very, very high end: Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach and so on. Employees have to understand that people are spending a lot of money in these stores so they always want a custom experience.

Child Minders

A great feature of many cruise ships is that there are child minding services offered in the form of child adventure centers. There are day camps available for kids so that they are occupied by responsible professionals, and parents can enjoy an afternoon by the pool with a drink without worrying about children running around that they have to mind.

Keeping a cruise ship running is a tough job and there’s a lot of moving parts to ensure all staff are doing the job they need to do. Every role plays its own part in the bigger picture, and each one is very important. For example, if child minding wasn’t available then parents might not book in to have a massage and therefore those services wouldn’t be needed. These roles all rely on each other to keep all passengers happy.